Rules for Running on the Trail

Trail race is different than road race. There will not be mile markers. Aid station is normally 3-5 miles apart some even longer. You can find out what is the mileage at the aid station.

The Chino Hills trails are mostly exposed. All runners must carry at least one water bottle.

The aid stations are staffed by Ultra runners giving back to others who have helped put on races for them in the past. Make sure to thank them--even if they somehow manage to spill your drink all over the place! This is a labor of love.

We are enjoying an event in a beautiful state park, shared by the public. Runners do not have precedence over other trail users. Be respectful of everybody on the trails.

As a safety precaution, you will need to be aware of the other trail users, such as fast moving mountain bikers, and other runners or hikers who may be trying to warn you of their approach. If you use music headphones during the race, turn down the volume or one ear bud only.

You must announce your race number to CHECK IN at every aid station. Again, this is for your safety so we make sure you're not lost out on the course somewhere.

If something happens out there, the quickest way out is on the trail. Do not get off trail for any reason and retrace your steps if you think you took a wrong turn. We have trained personnel on site to come to your aid, if necessary. Watch out for each other.

Also, don't litter out there. This is not a road race with cleanup crews picking up your gel packets. If you make trash, carry it out with you to the nearest aid station and throw it out there. ANYONE CAUGHT LITTERING WILL BE PULLED FROM THE RACE. Anyone littering, but not caught, beware the wrath of Mother Nature!

If you need to drop, you must do so at an aid station. Tell them you are dropping before leaving the course. Failure to do so will ensure you never run another race in Chino Hills again!

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